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I apologize ahead of time if I ramble. I do that when I'm not exactly sure what to put down.

Name: Kyrie.

Age: Twenty in September.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite music/band[s]: I'm very eclectic, I don't just stick to one genre. So I have a hard time picking a favorite. However, my current favorite song is Pink Dress by Ayria.
Favorite time of year: Late spring, summer, early autumn. ;x
Favorite crafty outlet [ie: sewing, painting, knitting, etc]: I love to bake, I attempt sewing now and again, I draw and paint. I try to sketch clothing ideas though I'm no designer. I'm going to attempt to make falls for my first time...I like scrapbooks and photo albums, and I dabble in photography. I also wish I had a backyard so I could garden. D;
A trade you would like to learn: I went to a vocational high school for a year where my trade was auto body. I loved it, I'd like to go back for it. I also want to go to school to become a funeral director, and I am also make-up artist, though I prefer the blood and guts aspect of it to the beauty, and I want to open a bakery...but I need to have classes first. I will be a jack of all trades! ;x
If money were not an option, how would you decorate one room in your house and why? I'm not sure how to describe what I'd want it to be. But I know I'd love lots of paintings and framed art.
Something interesting about yourself: I work at a cute boutique that sells showercaps and the like. I'm usually on the computer doing work, like I am supposed to be doing now. I'm really girly, but at the same time I'm a big ol' tomboy. I'm usually called a walking oxymoron.

This is me.

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